On 12 January, Louis Vuitton will launch a fundraiser for children in need, a collaboration with Unicef. The company will launch 2 products and part of the proceeds will go to Unicef. Louis Vuitton’s #makeapromise initiative aims to raise money for children in need.

On this day, LV sales associates across 460 Louis Vuitton stores worldwide will promote the sales of silver Lockit jewelry items; a portion of the money from the sales of these items will be donated to UNICEF. $200 from the sale of every $600 pendant and $500 bracelet will go straight to Unicef.

“The idea of the #makeapromise campaign comes from children: when they make a promise, they mean it, and they seal it with a pinky promise. Children show us a simple way to change the world,” said Louis Vuitton’s chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Burke. “One year after our successful launch, our teams have come up with this idea to keep our promise alive. It’s about joining forces worldwide to raise funds and awareness for children. We believe in word of mouth. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and to make a real difference.”

The event will be held in tandem with a campaign where clients will be encouraged to come accompanied with someone close to make a “pinky promise” and to share their promise online with a hashtag #makeapromise. Vuitton staff is also inviting clients to make direct donations online throughout the year and especially during emergencies.