Keeping a fashion blog alive might be a big deal for you, and possibly consume most of your time, but one of the hardest parts of building and maintaining a brand is public perception Louis Vuitton has been faced with this challenge for quite some time now, that’s why they’re always trying to come with the next best thing.

The aging appeal of Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram was one of the big reasons Marc Jacobs left the brand and Nicolas Ghesquiere, LV’s current creative director, signed on, and in his three years at its helm, Ghesquiere has done a lot to reenergize tastemakers’ love for Louis. His latest line, called Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors, a wonderful line of classy handbags with a chic twist, that might be all you wanted.

Monogram Colors takes the iconic brown monogram canvas and recasts it on a trio of simple bags trimmed with swathes of leather in two or three contrasting colors per bag. The large Tuileries Hobo, the medium-size Tuileries Besace, and the Tuileries Handbag – which need no explanation – have received an interesting touch of style with this new collection.

The prices for these stylish bags haven’t been released yet, but we’re sure that won’t stop any fashionista from getting her hands on the next best thing.