Honda Aircraft Launches HondaJet Elite

Honda Aircraft Company has introduced a new upgraded aircraft, the HondaJet Elite. The HondaJet Elite promises longer range, and has added more avionics, paint and interior options.

The new jet features the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, composite fuselage, and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) fuselage nose and wing. Moreover, Honda Aircraft has perfected several aerodynamic technologies, enabling the aircraft to fly farther and with less noise pollution. HondaJet Elite features the enhanced ergonomically Honda-customized, highly automated Garmin G3000 avionics suite. The seat design and panel layout were developed from an ergonomic perspective by observing pilot and passenger movements from every possible aspect.

With a range of 1,427 nm, the Elite version has a 17-percent greater range than the original HondaJet. Honda Aircraft claims to have greater fuel efficiency than any other aircraft in its category of light jets. While the HondaJet was already known for being exceptionally quiet, a modification to the engine inlet structure has reduced both exterior and interior noise even more, the company says.

The jet’s ample cabin features a private lavatory, full-service galley, two-toned executive leather seats, and Wi-Fi and built-in, speakerless sound system from Bongiovi Acoustics. The aircraft maintains its capacity of up to seven occupants with the addition of a belted lavatory.

The HondaJet Elite airplanes will stand out from their fleet-mates with three new paint options: Ice Blue, Ruby Red and Monarch Orange.