Bentley Reveals China-Only Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase Special Edition

Bentley’s in-house bespoke division, Mulliner, has designed limited edition of the flagship Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, available to Chinese buyers only in a run of just fifteen units. The limited-edition Mulsanne is based on the best luxury limousine in the world and features unique details that reflect its British country of origin.

The limited-edition Mulsanne comes in either Black Velvet, a black-based finish with red pigments, or Onyx, a dark blue mixed with other dark tones.  The former uses a hint of dark blue, mixed with darker tones to create “the deepest black finish offered by Bentley.” The latter paint is described as a “richer black-based finish that contains red pigments for a color inspired by black cherries.” Each hand-crafted body has the desired paint finish hand-applied before final embellishment with a hand-painted gold fine line that accentuates the characteristic power line and distinctive rear haunch. 21-inch, 14-spoke polished wheels are standard while Mulliner replaces the Mulsanne’s standard grille with its “Serenity” grille with its double diamond quilt pattern. 

Inside, it’s all luxury with several exclusive touches added. Customers have more personalization options than with the exterior as Bentley offers three unique interior color combinations: Newmarket Tan with Burnt Oak, Fireglow with Imperial Blue, or Shortbread with Redwood. An expressive interpretation of a modern-day London skyline is embroidered into all four sumptuous seats and replicated with fine detail in the front passenger veneer fascia. 

Finishing touches to the exclusive Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase model include polished stainless steel Mulliner tread plates and bespoke welcome lamps. The limited-edition Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is currently available to Bentley’s customers in China. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.