Biggest Rolex boutique in North America opens in Las Vegas

Watches of Switzerland Group is remodeling and extending its Rolex showroom within the shopping arcade of the Wynn Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, creating room for the biggest monobrand Rolex store in the United States.

With unprecedented demand for Rolex causing a worldwide shortage, Watches of Switzerland has turned to an innovative window display to prevent metres of empty C-clips. The store is installing window displays using LED panels from Dynamix Pro, which combine physical product displays with digital presentations.

Making things even more interesting for Rolex fans is the video that shows a robotic arm picking Rolex watches from packed virtual shelves and bringing them to the front of the window. The multi-brand Watches of Switzerland showroom gives dominance to independent watchmakers like MB&F , Bovet, and Chopard, who will all now have corners in the new Wynn showroom.

“At Watches of Switzerland we have no preference between multibrand showrooms, monobrand boutiques or e-commerce,” says David Hurley, executive vice president of Watches of Switzerland USA.

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