I can’t believe the end of the year is already here!

We were reminded of how precious the small things in life are, things that we perhaps previously took for granted. For the year ahead, I hope that we can go back to socializing, traveling, and exploring.

May 2022 bring the healing and solace the world so desperately needs right now. 

Updated on Willow Club Project (Willow Club Opens its Doors to New York City Elite).

The new Willow Club is a beautifully curated spaces dedicated to entrepreneurship community, and big ideas. We are not far away from bringing this project to a close, but I also think that we’re facing a new reality where strategic planning is never really DONE.  We’re always learning, evaluating and adapting. I expect we’ll always be transforming in some way.  Thank you for being part of the transformation.  

We hope to have you fully engaged, we hope to inspire you and we appreciate any time you spend with us on our pursuit for fulfilling luxury.  On behalf of all of us at Opulent Club, I wish you a very safe New Year’s Eve.

Henry Pham

Founder & Editor-In-Chief