Hennessy Launches Richard Hennessy Magnum

Hennessy is marking the 300th anniversary of its founder, Richard Hennessy, by unveiling the Richard Hennessy Magnum. This release is one of the brand’s most exclusive offerings, encapsulated in a stunning decanter designed by Daniel Libeskind, who has previously collaborated with Hennessy. 

Made of Baccarat crystal, the decanter is suspended in a striking metal frame, giving it a levitated appearance. The design pushes the boundaries of contemporary aesthetics and architectural innovation. Adding to the elegance, the decanter features an engraved portrait of Richard Hennessy, artfully reflected through the crystal, a creation of the French calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir.

This pinnacle release is named after the founder of the Cognac house, and is said to be a blend of the rarest eaux-de-vie to be found in the Hennessy cellars that come from just 12 tiercons, the large French oak barrels that are used to age the spirit. Accompanying the magnum decanter are two Richard Hennessy glasses made from cut crystal, a pipette, and a holder, all designed to enhance the tasting ritual. This luxurious set promises an unparalleled experience for Cognac connoisseurs.

There are just 110 sets of Richard Hennessy Magnum available globally, this rare offering is available exclusively through Hennessy private sales or at Houses of Hennessy around the world.