Mirarri Announces First Yacht Concept

The Mirarri yacht, a new entrant in the luxury yacht sector, represents a significant leap forward in yacht design and functionality. Enata Mirarri is a 55-foot (16.7-meter) yacht now under construction in the UAE, with an estimated delivery date for 2025.  It’s a joint effort between Enata, the esteemed shipyard renowned for its groundbreaking Flying Yacht, Foiler.

At the helm of this bold collaboration is Rashed Al Shaali, a scion of the illustrious Al Shaali family, known for their pioneering contributions to the marine industry through Gulf Craft. With Mirarri, Rashed charts a new course, driven by a fervent desire to revolutionize luxury yachting. What sets the Mirarri yacht apart is its extraordinary full carbon hull, designed by avant-garde yacht designer Timur Bozca. 

The integration of carbon fiber, along with other high-end materials like kevlar and titanium, ensures not only ultimate durability but also a graceful aesthetic that speaks volumes of modern luxury. Enata says that they can afford to use these materials, which are far from common in the marine sector, and to do so without incurring prohibitive construction costs because of their experience in aerospace.

Interiors are equally as well considered. A thoughtful exterior featuring a glass dome allows the interior spaces to be bathed in natural light, with the two full-beam cabins set to be fitted in a bright contemporary design. Outside, owners can enjoy a host of entertaining spaces including a bespoke BBQ and bar area.

As construction of the first Mirarri yacht enters its final stages, Rashed Al Shaali reflects on the journey thus far with anticipation. “The journey has already begun,” he declares. “Soon, the world will bear witness to the culmination of our collective vision—a vessel that not only redefines luxury yachting but sets a new standard for excellence at sea.”