Florence Welcomes Back THE PLACE Firenze

THE PLACE Firenze,  a renowned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Florence overlooking the picturesque Piazza Santa Maria Novella, proudly announces its grand reopening following an extensive renovation. This transformation, managed by the Babini Family and General Manager Claudio Meli, heralds a new era of refined hospitality under The Hospitality Experience group.

While plenty of luxurious hotels love to boast that they feel just like a home away from home, that rarely really holds true. THE PLACE Firenze, however, is the exception, and the feeling is surely aided by the fact that the hotel occupies what is essentially a small private townhouse residence in the Italian city. Under the meticulous care of parent group The Hospitality Experience, owners the Babini Family, and General Manager Claudio Meli, the hotel unveils a transformative chapter in its storied history, inviting guests to indulge in a harmonious blend of modern luxury and timeless Florentine charm.

The acclaimed Luigi Fragola Architectural Studio in Florence led the redesign, drawing inspiration from the renowned Renaissance architect Leon Battista Alberti. The design reflects the vibrant colors and architectural elegance of the Santa Maria Novella Church, located just across from the hotel. This infusion of historical elements into a modern aesthetic creates an elegant, contemporary retreat that feels like home.

The reimagined property encompasses 20 rooms and suites and a variety of common areas that will provide guests with the full flavor of the local Florentine community. The varied floor plans, including duplex and open designs, cater to both families and solo travelers, ensuring a personalized and luxurious experience.

Public spaces, such as The Fireplace, Studiolo, and Glass Yard, provide guests with serene environments for relaxation, dining, and reflection. Each space is curated with a calming color palette of greens and creams, tactile materials, and custom furnishings, creating an ambiance of tranquility and refinement. Set in the heart of the property, the Glass Yard features a pitched atrium that conjures a greenhouse and steeps the space in abundant natural light.   Foliage compositions and wild plants are strategic in placement, set alongside works of Florentine artists. Tucked away, the Studiolo room pays homage to small artistic studios inspired by the modern “Studioli.”

Acclaimed Chef Asso Migliore creates culinary delights that are derived from the region’s rich, rustic gastronomy, each deeply rooted in Tuscan tradition, with an elegant outdoor terrace overlooking the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella and an intimate cocktail lounge, and rooftop providing dining and drinking experiences that reflect the feeling of being home, where each detail has been carefully considered and created using local ingredients and resources. The hotel’s cocktail lounge features a diverse selection of beverages, from classic favorites to innovative creations. Highlights include The Prince of Florence, a blend of Alkermes Santa Maria Novella and Champagne, and The Flavour, a twist on the Dirty Martini. The lounge also offers a Negroni masterclass, where guests can explore the history and variations of this iconic cocktail.

THE PLACE Firenze is part of The Hospitality Experience (a.k.a THE) – a new collection of luxury Italian properties owned and operated by the Babini Family that features three hotels in its current collection: THE PLACE Firenze (Florence), Londra Palace Venezia (Venice), and the upcoming Borgo Dei Conti Resort (Umbria) set to debut Summer 2024.