The Harmony of Nature Piano by Edelweiss

Edelweiss Pianos, the world’s most forward-thinking piano maker, has unveiled ‘Harmony of Nature’, which is a brand new collaboration with Ambika Hinduja Macker from Impeccable Imagination.  Launched at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the event was graced by none other than the legendary Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

At the forefront of this innovative venture is Goldfinch, a specialist division of Edelweiss Pianos committed to producing one-of-a-kind piano creations.  The Harmony of Nature is Goldfinch’s 6th commission. Inspired by the autumnal leaves and with a design in mind, Hinduja transforming this muse into a harmonious form, she sculpted an artistic interpretation that captures the essence of nature in a semi-abstract manner. Goldfinch then took this design and meticulously applied it to a real acoustic piano, ensuring that the instrument maintained the intrinsic beauty of its original form.

The sculpture is cast in bronze and clad in 22.5 karat moon-gold leaf, replicating the textures of nature.  From a distance, the silhouette of the curled, dried leaf creates a mesmerizing illusion, oscillating between the abstract and the real. Lift the lid, and the glistening black and white keys are revealed, delicately held open by a thin twig-like curvilinear support.

This instrument is based around a baby grand piano, and is an extremely substantial work of art. It weighs around 700kg which is 200kg more than a Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano. Goldfinch has built a very special matching stool to complement the piano.

Edelweiss has confirmed that this piano will now be shipped to India. This was a one-off commission so no further Harmony of Nature pianos will ever be built. Goldfinch offers artists and individuals the opportunity to collaborate in creating truly unique forms of musical art. However, prices can range from £400,000 to over £1million.