Mercedes-Maybach Brings Luxury To Space Tourism

Mercedes-Maybach has partnered with space tourism company Space Perspective to provide its expertise in crafting the interior of an upcoming space capsule. The partnership starts on the ground. The Maybach EQS SUV will act as the official transport vehicle for the Space Perspective program when it kicks off, whisking six passengers per flight to their pressurized capsule.

Like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, Space Perspective aims to offer rich individuals the opportunity to travel to the edge of space. Unlike those two, Space Perspective will use a pressurized capsule, attached to each capsule is a massive SpaceBalloon powered by hydrogen that lifts passengers at 14 miles per hour to 100,000 feet over a period of two hours.  The spacecraft that will carry Space Perspective’s “Explorers” is called Spaceship Neptune is capable of holding eight passengers, plus the captain, and Space Perspective claims it’s capable of doing 140 trips per year. 

A ticket will start at $125,000 and the company wants to ensure its ‘Explorers’ can enjoy a luxurious and safe experience. Inside the cabin of Spaceship Neptune’s “Space Lounge,” passengers will be spoiled by a 360-degree view and first-class meals and cocktails, the sort of experience you’d expect from a Maybach partnership.

“We are exploring different elements of the journey and how we can make that most convenient and bring most of the Maybach experience to the voyage,” Mercedes-Maybach head Danel Lescow. “Eventually that will accumulate into Maybach being involved in the interior design of the capsule.”

Reservations are now being taken and if you want in, you can book your trip now.