Rolex Tower Ginza Tokyo

Luxury watch brand Rolex has unveiled its new flagship store in the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza district. Designed by Gwenael Nicolas, the founder of Tokyo-based design studio Curiosity the Japanese Rolex flagship’s facade reflects the company’s famous fluted bezels. The interiors mirror the signature colors and aesthetics of the world’s most recognizable Swiss watch brand.

The glass façade shimmers with a unique double bezel pattern thanks to the metal mesh produced in Kyoto, embedded in the glass. In a kinetic effect, the pattern changes depending on the viewer’s angle. The interior retail space is clearly visible from the outside through a large green stone gate that frames the entrance, like a bridge from the vibrancy of the street to the tranquillity of the store.

Once you enter the four-story flagship store, with a unique structure and layout designed by Japanese architect Nikken Sekkei the timepiece inspiration continues with glass, metal, wood, lacquer, and stone in rich hues of gold and green everywhere you look. The dynamism of the space is emphasized by the large double-layered glass element that floats above the circular displays.  A central feature, the symbolic lift catches the eye, surrounded by spiral staircases with travertine and wooden louvers that convey a sense of warmth and welcoming. In addition to its function as a lift connecting four floors, the symbol serves as a monumental feature in the space.

The second level features several open salons with a large green stone and lacquer bar, the sales areas extend throughout the space, with a series of private niches carved into large travertine walls. The delicate balance between modernity and timelessness is expressed through the materials: a mesh frame filters the intimacy of the visitors.

The third floor is home to an exclusive private salon. The warm hospitality space is designed with carefully selected materials including deep green lacquer finishes and stone, to create a distinctly Japanese feel. Its presence and status convey a sense of refined luxury. Each room has been carefully curated by Curiosity to express the unique individuality of each model and collection. The library wall features artwork that perfectly captures the essence of the brand’s signature models, with original pieces commissioned from Japanese artists. The floors five and up are presumably for service and administration.