Aluna 92 Yacht Concept With A Helipad

Red Yacht Design and FDC Yachts have unveiled their latest project Aluna 92, a groundbreaking 28-meter yacht set to redefine luxury on the seas. Scheduled to commence construction by the end of summer 2024, this collaboration promises to set new standards in yacht design and innovation.

FDC says the Aluna 92 will be the first yacht with its revolutionary touch-and-go helipad, capable of accommodating helicopters. This innovative feature adds an unprecedented level of convenience and luxury to the vessel, setting it apart from its peers.

The yacht offers expanded exterior living areas, most notable features compared to her predecessor is her expanded beach club, as well as the enhancements made to the exterior deck areas so as to integrate panoramic sea views with spacious onboard socialising. FDC has also opted to include see-through bulwarks on some exterior decks to provide seafarers with panoramic ocean views.

The interior is equally as spacious and luxurious. The generous cabins can sleep up to eight guests, with the lavish full-beam owner’s suite transforming into separate cabins if additional accommodations are required. This flexibility ensures that every guest enjoys the utmost privacy and comfort throughout their journey.

With the introduction of the Aluna 92, FDC Yachts and Red Yacht Design continue to solidify their position as industry leaders in yacht construction and design.