Urwerk Space-Time Blade Clock

First created as a unique piece for the 2023 Only Watch auction, Urwerk now plans to sell a limited number of Nixie floor clocks. Shaped like a lightsaber, Urwerk’s SpaceTime Blade cuts through all timekeeping mechanisms with its unique display and countless timings related to our planet delivered via glowing orange Nixie bulbs. 

A unique horological creation, it displays the time via eight vertically aligned, handmade Nixie bulbs houses its indications inside a 1.70m-long, 20-kilogram glass blade composed of eight Nixie tubes with eight settings displaying everything from mundane hour and minute indications to the Earth’s revolution around the Sun in kilometres over the course of a year. 

The bulbs are protected by a glass tube that sits upon a wax-casted bronze pedestal, bringing the weight up to nearly 45 pounds and the height to nearly five and a half feet, looks a lot like a Stars War lightsaber.

Limited to 33 pieces, the Space-Time Blade retails for $60,500, offering enthusiasts a rare opportunity to enjoy a non-wearable Urwerk. The first one will be auctioned for charity at Only Watch in 2024.