Automobili Lamborghini 60° Series Limited Edition Pens In Collaboration With Montegrappa

Luxury meets craftsmanship as two Italian powerhouses, Automobili Lamborghini and Montegrappa,  the renowned Italian luxury writing instrument maker, to create a limited edition collection of fountain pens and rollerballs – the Automobili Lamborghini 60° collection. This exclusive range pays tribute to the design aesthetics of the iconic super sports cars from the 1960s. Imbued with Italian excellence and a touch of futurism, this collection showcases advanced materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for automotive artistry.

The Automobili Lamborghini 60° collection is a testament to attention to detail, as only sixty fountain pens and sixty rollerballs have been crafted, making this a highly exclusive and coveted set for collectors and connoisseurs alike. Each pen comes in one of six distinctive Lamborghini colors, with bright shades like Arancio Apodis, Bianco Siderale, and Verde Viper, as well as the matt versions of Blu Aegeus, Grigio Titans, and Nero Noctis. These colors resonate with the essence of Lamborghini, evoking its dynamic and spirited personality.

Crafted with precision, each pen features an ultralight hexagonal profile meticulously created from aerospace-grade aluminum, complemented by the exquisite touch of forged carbon fiber. These advanced materials ensure durability and reflect Lamborghini’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining luxury.

The mechanical performance of the Automobili Lamborghini 60° pens matches the excellence found in the luxury carmaker’s vehicles. The fountain pens feature Montegrappa’s Power-Push system, which ensures swift ink-filling with a single touch, exemplifying the seamless functionality that Lamborghini is renowned for. Both the fountain pens and rollerballs come with a unique release system, allowing for quick and easy access to the ink chamber, much like the convenience of Lamborghini’s aeronautical-inspired red toggle start button.

Every element of the Automobili Lamborghini 60° collection showcases meticulous attention to detail. The pens feature a threadless, safety-locking cap, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Lamborghini’s distinct style is further highlighted with a stamped black alloy Y-clip and a hexagonal plate adorned with the 60th-anniversary emblem of this super sports car manufacturer. The fountain pens even feature an 18-karat gold nib, ruthenium-plated and engraved with the famed Automobili Lamborghini shield, adding an extra touch of opulence.

To house these exceptional writing instruments, each specimen is enclosed in a black 60th-anniversary collector’s case, making it a cherished memento for Lamborghini enthusiasts and discerning pen collectors.

Automobili Lamborghini 60° will be available starting September at selected retailers, boutiques, and through the official online shop,  A total of 720 pens exist, making them highly coveted pieces of craftsmanship.