Daniel Arsham’s Avant-Garde Masterpiece at Moët & Chandon’s Historic Cellars

Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity as Moët & Chandon collaborates with contemporary American artist Daniel Arsham, the illustrious champagne house with a legacy spanning over two centuries has unveiled a masterpiece that now on public display in its historic cellars in Epernay, Champagne. First unveiled last Autumn to celebrate the Maison’s 280th anniversary in Paris in celebration of  the reveal of the new cuvée d’exception Collection Impériale Création NO.1, the avant-garde artwork is now housed in the Galerie Impériale, a spectacular new focal point of the visitor’s tour of the cellars.

Daniel Arsham’s masterpiece, measuring an impressive 3 meters in length and 1.3 meters in height, embodies the essence of Moët & Chandon’s heritage. Through intricate symbolism, the relief pays homage to key elements of the House’s legacy. From the founding year of 1743 a female mythological figure the Greek deity “Pheme,” personification of fame and renown joyously toots a trumpet, resounding far and wide the reputation of the House the architectural façade of the Château de Saran evokes the family saga of the Maison; the sprawling vineyards recall the abundance of the House’s natural estate and the diversity of the Champagne region; and a wooden wine barrel pays tribute to the wine expertise and imperial connection that distinguishes the House.  

Arsham’s choice of medium, white cast resin, not only reflects the chalky soils of the Champagne region but also incorporates subtle traces of visible erosion, evoking a sense of the passage of time inherent in both the artwork and champagne-making.

Inspired by a stained-glass panel dating back to the 1890s, the artist first discovered the panel on a tour of the Moët & Chandon estate in the company of Benoît Gouez. He was enthralled by the allegorical richness of the panel which weaves well-chosen symbols to depict the renown of the House, the abundance of its vineyards and the expertise of its winemakers.

Visitors to Moët & Chandon’s Galerie Impériale now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this extraordinary collaboration. The two-hour journey Haute Oenologie offers a multi-sensorial experience, including a guided exploration of the historical cellars and a degustation featuring Moët Imperial and the newly unveiled Collection Impériale Création NO.1. Priced at €200 per person for groups of up to six, this experience promises an intimate encounter with the artistry and expertise behind Moët & Chandon’s renowned champagnes.

Hailed as the Archaeologist of the Future, Daniel Arsham is one of today’s most impactful artists. His practice intertwines the essence of time, bridging past, present and future in a variety of materials. His unique mastery finds a harmonious resonance with the time-sensitive expertise of champagne-making at Moët & Chandon.