Boeing Business Jets customers will have a new way to customize cabin interiors for the BBJ 737-7.

‘BBJ Select’ Unveiled by VIP Boeing Business Jets 

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) has launched the bespoke, one-off cabins it designs for its clients’ private jets by offering a series approach called BBJ Select. The new program will apply strictly to conversions of the Boeing 737-7 series as an alternative to its traditional procedure of delivering a green airframe to a third-party completions specialist that is contracted to the buyer under a separate agreement.

Revealed as BBJ Selects, customers will be able to browse between 144 different modular combinations which will expedite installation, while lowering the total purchase price of the plane.  From guest rooms and private offices to family rooms and VIP passenger seating configurations, customers select modules for each section of the aircraft. 

There are three different color palettes to decide between, covering the spectrum of personal, business and head-of-state plane requirements. For aircraft requiring additional sleep capacity, one of the new module design taken from the company’s commercial side will include six business class pods with doors and fully convertible lie-flat seats, which can boost the configuration to 16 sleep positions.

BBJ President Joe Benson stated with optimism: “Boeing Business Jets is offering customers a new, streamlined approach to designing a unique, comfortable and functional interior for our BBJ 737-7 jet. For customers who may not have the time or desire to create a fully bespoke interior, BBJ Select offers pre-designed options to outfit their cabin, which allows us to offer the jet at a very attractive, fixed price,”

Over its 27-year history, Boeing Business Jets has delivered more than 250 aircraft, including more than 160 in the 737 family.