Foiler The Revolutionary New Flying Hybrid Yacht

A new impressive foiling yacht has made the world debut at the Dubai International Boat show: Foiler by Enata Marine. With an avant-garde propulsion system combining two diesel and electric 320hps BMW engines, and ENATA’s custom electric torpedoes, the ENATA’s FOILER yacht is redefining sailing and day cruising.

The 9.5m yacht is built by Enata Marine in the United Arab Emirates. With a cutting-edge hull design and ground-breaking hydro-foiling technology allows the Foiler to “takeoff” smoothly when boat speed hits 18-knots. Boat speeds can approach 40-knots and thanks to the dual 220-Horsepower BMW engines and the 400 volt BMW Li-Ion battery, while also being able tocruise in full electric mode, and reduce the overall fuel consumption by 20% over a traditional yacht.

The FOILER delivers such a smooth and quiet passenger experience that the turbulence and slamming of a conventionally-designed yacht will feel outmoded in comparison. Virtually eliminating sea sickness in passengers while soaring over choppy waters

For ease of maintenance, the retractable hydrofoils and propellers are lifted and positioned out of the water when not in use, which also reduces the yacht’s height for storage and is particularly convenient for stowage in superyacht garages.