Spice-X Electric Race Car Concept

Hailing from Piedmont, Italy, the Spice-X is an electric race car that can be seen hitting the track soon. Designed by Fabrizio Pepe of Mastery Design, the Spice-X is unusually small measuring 3,827 millimeters (150.6 inches) in length and 1,695 millimeters (66.7 inches) in width, it’s barely smaller than a MINI Coupe. It’s also extremely light at just 1,323 lbs.

The goal of the company is to create an electric race car with a lightweight construction, and built with non-expensive materials to cut costs. In short, they want to make a race car for everyone.

Under the chassis is a fully electric automatic transmission that offers excellent performance that can be maintained with relatively low costs. The small size means the two 30 kW motors is enough to power the 0-100 accelerations in 3.5 seconds quickest, while the top speed is 210 km/h for the higher version. Spice-X is now seeking investors and teams for bringing the concept on the track and the companies have started exploring the possibility of having a two-seat version.

Spice-x is said to have a very low aerodynamic coefficient, regardless of the chosen version. The company promises excellent performance, moderate maintenance fees, a light body, and good handling capabilities. Spice-X comes in two versions: one with a 330-volt battery pack and a 450-volt battery pack.