The Tacuri House by Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos

Situated in tacuri, in the nayón area of quito, ecuador, the Tacuri House by gabriel rivera arquitectos has been designed by drawing inspiration from nature to create a family home amongst the trees. It is a fascinating place due to its microclimate, flora, fauna and exceptional view of the Cumbayá Valley.

Tacuri House is distributed along the perimeter of the lot in three different features around the main courtyard. As a result, nature, which is another source of inspiration, is integrated into all spaces and connects the entire family. The structure of the house is composed of concrete slabs and metallic columns which hold the slabs together and resemble the foliage and trunks of a tree. The tacuri house has been inspired to create an effective connection between the indoor spaces to the nature outside.

The result is a timeless house that feels as if it has grown from nature itself, Tacuri House is a project that invites you to live an experience—the experience of architecture.