Moment Electric Mercedes Benz Conversion

The Moment Motor Company, based in Austin, Texas has announced its latest electric conversion foray, with the Mercedes-Benz 280SL chosen as its primary delegate.  It will be built as a limited-run model, seamlessly blending the 280SL’s vintage aesthetics with electric drivetrains.

Through their artful, meticulous conversion process, the expert team not only removes emissions but also the hassle of maintaining an outdated gas-powered engine, all the while preserving the driving experience unaltered. 

“Moment Motor Company specializes in fully engineered complete solutions that account for the incredible complexities that integrating a modern EV powertrain entails,” said Marc Davis, the company’s founder. “Our builds reverently retain the integrity and design of the original vehicle while safely applying the fun, smile-inducing exhilaration of EV power.”

 Part of Moment’s Signature line, the 280SL now makes 300 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque through a 400-volt powertrain and pairs perfectly with the car’s excellent suspension. The other focus points include a fully integrated vehicle control system and electric brakes and steering, turning this over half-a-century old car into a two-seat convertible capable of worrying even the most modern of ICE-powered sports cars.

Conversions start at $135,000 with a turn-key vehicle available at $250,000 through its partner, Unique Cars of Palm Beach.