The latest Legacy Machine SE or Split Escapement brings to fore the unique balance escapement assortment which literally sets it apart from other watches, which debuts in four styles. Gone is the numerical naming convention, though the Legacy Machine Split Escapement would technically be the fifth in this sub-collection within the overall MB&F brand. This began with the Legacy Machine 1 (LM1), then the LM2, followed by the LM101, the Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar, and now the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement.

MB&F once again worked with the talented watch movement designer Stephen McDonnell for the Legacy Machine Split Escapement. The dial of the new MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is a beauty in symmetry. Three subdials tell time, date, and power reserve, like lacquer oasis against a frosted background that we still knew from the LM 101 ‘Frost’ editions. It provides a beautiful decor for the balance wheel, which seems to move in the center of the dial, with no visible connection to the movement itself.

Like the Legacy Machine 1, the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement comes in a 44mm-wide case, but is 17.5mm thick as opposed to the greater thickness of the original LM1. Case material options for the debut models are limited to 18k white gold. The Stephen McDonnell manually wound movement is nicely finished and operates at 18,000bph with a power reserve of 72 hours.

MB&F offers the Legacy Machine Split Escapement in four editions. In their press release, they call them “launch editions” which could mean that there are more to come. For now, they only offer the watch with a white gold case, with four different dials, and movement finishes to match. Price for each version of the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is $79,000 USD.