McLaren Unveils 570S Spider “Design Editions”

Supercar fans following McLaren will know that the brand has been amassing a massive catalogue of customization options for its Sports Series lineup, McLaren’s new 570S Spider Design Editions are meant to aid their clients in decision-making. Five different examples are available, each deliberately curated by McLaren Automotive designers to ensure that the colors, materials, and finishes are complementary and harmonious.

This special service first debuted in 2016 for the 570S Coupe, and thanks to its popularity, the Design Edition is now available for McLaren’s Sports Series convertible. The package adds between $11,000 and $15,000 to the cost of the vehicle, but given the base price approximate of $232,755 USD, it’s a small amount to pay to be difference.

Now that the 570S Spider has built in many flavors, the factory has compiled the top 5 most popular orders. Each of them is based on a special body color. They range from Silica White, Storm Grey, Vermillion Red, Onyx Black, to Vega Blue. They have unique interiors and 10-spoke forged wheels.