Vision Mercedes Simplex Is A Futuristic Retro Concept

Mercedes-Benz Design unveiled a special concept at Design Essentials 2019 that pays tribute to the beginning of the brand early 1900s and creating a futuristic re-imagination of the first ever car to carry the Mercedes name: the 1901 35 PS.

Named the Vision Mercedes Simplex, the concept car’s design references of the 35 PS. Vision Mercedes Simplex is not just about the brand’s passion for innovation but also luxury. That’s why the sculpture’s white and black body is paired with rose gold details including the radiator frame.

The Vision Mercedes Simplex “symbolizes the transition to a new era of design and technology,” and although it isn’t meant to be driven, it is an electric vehicle with four e-motors motors inside the large, fixed hubs of those outboard wheels — only the tires rotate. The radiator shroud has been replaced by a rose gold frame and a 3D display showing the vintage Mercedes logo from the early 1900s. Controls and displays are kept to a minimum, replicating the yesteryears of automotive design, while contrasting with the more modern touches of rose gold detailing and carbon fiber rear linkages.

Besides the high-tech displays, the concept has a retro-inspired clock and a bespoke steering wheel with wood trim. The model also has a bench seat with azure blue upholstery and Chesterfield quilting.

In the face of this reality, the Vision Mercedes Simplex is arguably a frivolous endeavor. Vision Mercedes Simplex shows what could potentially be achieved in a clean-sheet EV design that harkens back to the early days of motorsports while embracing the possibilities of a vehicle unburdened by internal combustion. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.