Pininfarina Leonardo Da Vinci 500TH Anniversary Collection

Leonardo da Vinci is, since the beginning, a source of inspiration for every Pininfarina Segno creation. The invention of Ethergraf, the metal alloy that allows writing without limits and which gave life to an innovative writing experience, found inspiration in the Leonardesque silver tip.

To celebrates Leonardo’s genius in his scientific approach to drawing. Pininfarina has create a collection of writing instruments and desk accessories inspired by the intuitions and studies of the Tuscan artist, named Leonardo 500th. Artist, scientist, engineer and humanist, Leonardo had a multifaceted personality nourished by an ever-evolving curiosity.

A collection whose cutting edge is Codex, designed to retrace the steps of the “Cryptex”, inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller. The structure of Codex, handmade, is a real design desk secretaire which combines the purity of aluminum with the essentiality of solid walnut wood to form a cylinder accessible only by composing the secret code that seals the content.

The Set Leonardo also stands out among the novelties, a kit that includes a booklet, a stone paper note and Piuma, an Ethergraf styled tip, inspired by the da Vinci studies on flight and equipped with a mirrored steel pedestal through which the mirror signature of Leonardo is reflected.

The collection is completed by two exclusive Pininfarina Cambiano versions: Pininfarina Cambiano Silver Luxury Edition, a stylus entirely in 925 silver realized through Additive Manufacturing and enriched on the surface by geometries explored by Leonardo da Vinci in his studies on the quadrature of the circle; Pininfarina Cambiano Leonardo Drawing that reconstructs his famous Self-portrait according to the expanding pattern of a logarithmic spiral, universal symbol of perfection.

The Leonardo Collection is available here. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.