Saigon-based motorcycle company Bandit9 keeps turning to vintage motorcycles. Bandit9 have outdone themselves once again with the drool-inducing new Odyssey leap into the future of motorcycles.

This visually-stunning unibody beast is powered either by a roaring 1400cc V-Twin or a silent-but-electrifying dual-drive electric engine. It’s definitely no off-road dirt bike; instead it’s a rolling piece of art that gives a glimpse into the future of motorcycles.

The unibody was made from 904L steel, the seat with memory foam covered in Italian leather, and performance components from aeronautic materials designed for competition. With only 9 made, all these works of art are machined with precision down to nanometers.

According to Bandit9, the aircraft-inspired Odyssey uses Avionics to guide and manage your ride. To this end, a see-through LED display is projected from below the tank and vanishes when the vehicle is off. Only 9 will ever be made, so if you’re interested, let Bandit9 know immediately.

“Our bikes are part of a number of prestigious galleries and museums around the world (New York, Dallas, Geneva, Dubai, Tokyo, Stockholm to name a few),” says Bandit9. “They’re among vehicles that are of historical importance, machines that signify technical and artistic achievement: Steve McQueen’s Ferrari, T.E. Lawrence’s Brough Superior, one of the first Harley Davidsons. Our designs have become instant classics; here’s your chance to own a piece of history,” added the luxury motorcycle company.