It was the year 1983 when Chopard opened its first boutique, at the end of 2017 that first boutique was already 160 worldwide, and among them a new store concept that opened its spaces in a place of luxury and snow St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Inside this new St. Moritz property, Chopard’s design team has managed to retain the Swiss mountain feel by offering the warm atmosphere of a modern chalet which never strays away from their luxurious roots. All the materials used in the decoration of its mountain boutique have been obtained in the vicinity of St. Moritz: wood of oak, natural stones of Vals (in the region of Grisons) and a unique lining of the St Moritz region adorned with exclusive graffiti and geometric shapes obtained by specialist woodworkers from the surrounding region.

Although welcoming, the management at Chopard is very aware that their discerning customers also crave a certain degree of privacy while exploring the displays and viewing some of the industry’s finest watches and jewellery. Therefore, well-defined areas have been created where clients can view pieces with ease and in comfort.

The truth is that this new mountain boutique is as luxurious as cozy, elegant, intimate and almost personal, a touch that is not surprising as is Chopard still today, a family firm. The new Chopard boutique is located at Via Da Vout 2 – 7500 St. Moritz, and showcases the latest Happy Hearts, Ice Cube and Mille Miglia collections, along with creations from Chopard’s Haute Horlogerie and High Jewellery workshops.