United Airlines unveils Private Suite experience in Los Angeles

United Airlines and The Private Suite – a new terminal designed for First and Business Class travelers seeking the highest convenience, privacy, and luxury signed a new partnership. The Private Suite offers, as it sounds, privacy for travelers as it’s located in a separate, private terminal at LAX and advertises a dedicated lounge, lounge-to-plane transfers and more.

Those premium-class passengers will be driven from the terminal to the tarmac to their planes in a BMW 7-Series sedan. A staff of eight is assigned to each booking, United said. Access to The Private Suite will be included in certain business-class fares. The Private Suite experience will initially be available through select corporate travel booking desks and travel agents, and later available for purchase on united.com or through the United app as part of a premium-cabin ticket fare.

Access to the Private Suite will be included in some business-class fares, United said, and on routes to or from LAX, to Newark, Aspen, Hawaii, London’s Heathrow, Singapore, Tokyo Narita and Sydney, among other destinations.

With this service, customers will be able to save $4,500 on The Private Suite’s annual membership fee that’s normally required for travel with other airlines. In addition, they will enjoy favorable rates when compared to making separate bookings for travel and The Private Suite experience.