Hill HX50 Private Helicopter

Hill Helicopters has blended their fascination, and skill in aerospace, automotive design, and systems engineering to bring us the HX50 private helicopter. The brainchild of chief engineer Jason Hill, the new Hill HX50 is designed specifically for private owners, rather than fleet operators.

It delivers enough performance and payload to take you and 4 passengers, all your bags and 3 hours of fuel to go fly wherever you want to in fantastic comfort and in an amazing environment. It’s equipped with a three-blade rotor system and an in-house GT50 turboshaft engine good for 400 hp. This gives the chopper a cruise speed of 161 mph and a range of up to 806 miles. The retractable landing gear also reduces drag for a faster, smoother flight.

Inside and out the HX50 helicopter represents a masterpiece of sleek, elegant contours, sculpted along futuristic lines for maximum performance, and providing the utmost in enjoyment for pilot and four passengers.  To top it off, the simple digital cockpit, which comprises two 15-inch glass instrument panels and an iPad, is ideal for recreational pilots.

The HX50 arrives in 2023, and preorders are being taken now at Hill Helicopters starting around $665,000. Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.