MB&F Horological Machine N°9 ‘Flow’

Introducing MB&F’s newest horological machine, the HM9 ‘Flow’ or, more simply the HM9, the latest of an exceptional series of timekeeping machines characterized by sculpted cases and beautifully-finished engines. Aerodynamic-inspired curve-bodied automobiles and airplanes from the 1940s and 50s.

Reminiscent of a jet engine, the HM9 case is a geometrically complex combination of milled sapphire crystal and grade 5 titanium. The two lateral pods facing outwards each house a flying balance wheel and fully independent regulating sýtem, visible under domes of sapphire crystal. Facing inward towards the wearer, the dial indicates hours and minutes, driven by conical gears that ensure precise engagement even when motion is put through a 90° planar tránlation where a battle axe-shaped planetary differential averages the output of both balance wheels to provide one stable reading of the time.

Featuring 301 components and 44 jewels, the manual winding movement was also developed fully in house over three years. The he movement delivers 45 hours of power reserve through a single barrel.

The watch is being sold in two titanium limited editions of 33 units each priced at $182,000. The ‘Air’ edition featuring a dark movement and aviator-style dial, and the ‘Road’ edition with a rose gold plated movement and a classic speedometer-style dial.