‘Four Seasons Jet 2.0’ To Take Flight In Early 2021

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts announced on Tuesday that it’s in the process of converting another private jet to its fleet in 2021.  A new A321LR aircraft, part of the Airbus NEO family, is being fully customized by Four Seasons. The private jet will feature luxurious comforts and amenities and boast even more space for Private Jet guests and staff to relax and enjoy the ride.

The new aircraft will feature “the widest and tallest cabin in its class” as well as spacious lavatories and an expansive lounge area and lacing the interiors with hand-crafted leather seats. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Four Seasons master chefs and mixologists, wellness experts and arts and culture aficionados for an enriching in-flight experience.

Designed by Optimares, the state-of-the-art plane has room for 48 passengers with a layout design that ensures guests can socialize easily while in their seats.  New purpose-built personal ottomans at each seat will encourage interaction and comfortable face-to-face connections. Lavatories are also being expanded for added comfort and flexibility, reflecting a more residential style. And the bathrooms are larger and more elegant.

A full complement of dedicated Four Seasons staff will include a Four Seasons Concierge, Director of Guest Experience, Physician, and Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew. Currently there’s a single executive chef for the entire journey, but visiting chefs may join for parts of the trip to mix up culinary styles. 

“When designing the new Four Seasons Private Jet, we were inspired by the glamor and prestige of air travel in times past, when every flight was a special occasion,” says Dana Kalczak, Vice President of Design at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

New itineraries aboard the new Four Seasons Jet are currently in development. Pricing on the current jet starts at $147,000 per person. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.