Bentley Revealed Diamond-Encrusted Centenary Book

Bentley is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. To mark this milestone, Bentley and specialist luxury book publisher Opus have teamed up to create the Bentley Centenary Book.

The 100 Carat collectors’ editions – one published for each Continent and each decorated with 100 carat of diamonds. The book comes in at over three feet wide when opened, and tips the scales at a whopping 66lb. Bentley says that’s the heaviest automotive history book ever published. It comes in three distinct versions the $18,000 Mulliner (limited to 100 copies), the $3,800 Centenary (limited to 500 copies) and the $256,000 100 Carat (limited to 7 copies). The exquisite 100 Carat edition is decorated with 100 carats of diamonds and is limited to an exclusive issue of seven – one for each continent. The Bentley flying wing badge is set in a choice of white gold or platinum to enhance the stunning diamond border.

With nine chapters spanning over 800 pages, it’s as comprehensive a brand archive as you’ll ever see committed to print. Naturally it’s packed full of glossy photos, including never-before seen photos, plucked from deep within the Bentley vaults. The books are created, printed and hand-bound by master binders in England, using leather hides from the same sources as those used in Bentley models.

The Mulliner edition includes giant 200-inch by 24-inch Polaroid Portraits to showcase 10 landmark Bentleys and a collection of 56 exclusively commissioned Bentley model watercolours individually painted on silk paper, as well as a sliver of rubber tyre from the 24-hour Le Mans-winning Bentley Speed 8 of 2003 in the clamshell presentation case.

Bentley notes: ‘The exquisite 100 Carat edition, offers the ultimate in embellishment and decoration, adorned with 100 carats of diamonds and limited to an exclusive issue of seven – one for each continent.’

There’s a number of bespoke features for each book too. Bentley staff members also sign the books, but whose signature you get depends on the edition.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.