LOUIS XIII Time Collection II: Paris, the City of Lights

The world’s most opulent spirit maker, LOUIS XIII, has launched a new limited-edition celebrating Paris, the City of Lights, in 1900, with its second Opus of Time Collection. The Time Collection is a series of exclusive limited editions paying tribute to the History of LOUIS XIII. It recounts the LOUIS XIII journey and relives great landmarks of human history.

After the first opus “THE ORIGIN – 1874” commemorating the creation of LOUIS XIII, the House has collaborated with two historic French houses – Monnaie de Paris and The Cristallerie of Saint-Louis, to create a limited-edition masterpiece that celebrates the arts, craftsmanship, and time, pay tribute to Paris in 1900, where LOUIS XIII received the highest praise with a limited-edition of 2000 numbered decanters commemorating this historic year, when Paris hosted the World Fair. 

This edition features 4 medals with designs inspired by illustrations from the archives of Monnaie de Paris, each celebrating a facet of Paris in 1900, and a unique TRIBUTE TO THE CITY OF LIGHTS – 1900 central medallion. Hand-blown by Saint-Louis, the decanter pays tribute to original LOUIS XIII bottle design with 13 dentelle spikes instead of the usual 10, a stopper in the form of an upturned decanter, an elegant neck and 7 fleurs-de-lys decorated with 18-carat champagne gold, as well as a central medallion. 

With only 2000 decanters, LOUIS XIII TIME COLLECTION: TRIBUTE TO CITY OF LIGHTS – 1900 limited edition is a collector’s piece to treasure forever. The LOUIS XIII Time Collection II is now available through direct sales from the House $10,600. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.