Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo Gets Visual Upgrades, More Power

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is a very fast car, but that hasn’t stopped Novitec from trying to improve it. The German tuner has made a name for itself by tweaking and tuning high-end supercars with upgraded visuals and more power, upgrading various Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari.

Novitec’s Ferrari F8 Tributo has been customized with new style and increased performance for the 3.9-liter V-8  twin-turbo engine. The stock form makes a stout 710 hp (530 kW / 720 PS) and 568 lb-ft (770 Nm) of torque. Novitec increases that to 802 horsepower with peak torque of 898 Nm. Novitec says its version of the F8 can reach 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds with a top speed of over 340 km/h. 

Sticking with the performance theme, the firm also offers an assortment of high-performance exhaust systems described as an “investment in more driving fun.” In particular, there’s a Inconel sports exhaust which is gold plated to better dissipate heat and features two large tailpipes with a combination of carbon and stainless steel.

Body components include a two-piece front spoiler and flaps on the side air intakes fitted to the bumper to reduce lifted high-speed. Novitec also offers an insert for the front hood made of the same carbon material to give the vehicle a sportier look.

Carbon trim for the side mirrors add further sporty touches.  Improving the car’s stance are 21-inch front, 22-inch rear Vossen wheels, which pairs with the Novitec sport springs that lower the Ferrari’s ride height by about 1.4 inches. Novitec also offers an exclusive interior, which is tailored to the car owner’s personal preferences from the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color and upholstery design.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.