NOVITEC Ferrari Roma

It has already been two years since Ferrari unveiled the Roma, so it’s about time for NOVITEC to present its own version. German tuning house builds 518kW (704hp) beast that pumps out 882Nm of torque and is capable of speeds in excess of 325km/h. This tune changes the mapping for the injection and ignition and adjusts the boost control. This electronic overhaul also helped optimize throttle and acceleration, which is why the NOVITEC Ferrari Roma can hit 62mph in a swift 3.2 seconds shaving 0.2 seconds off the stock time and has a face-melting top speed in excess of 201mph. 

All bodywork components are produced from especially light yet high-strength naked carbon and given a high-gloss coating. Design-wise, NOVITEC added Vossen wheels, a front spoiler, grille trims, rocker panels, and door mirror covers on the Roma. In addition, there is a carbon cover for the retractable rear wing of the Roma. Carbon surrounds for the four taillights round out the exclusive NOVITEC look. Parallel to the new look, Vossen produced three different designs in 72 different colours and three different surface finishes.

Vossen offers three different designs in 72 different colors and three different surface finishes for the Ferrari Roma.  Rounding up the upgrades, NOVITEC will add leather and Alcantara upholstery inside the cabin in any color. 

As always, the price of admission for these modifications wasn’t mentioned, but do know that NOVITEC indulges its customers with bespoke requests, so might as well contact them directly if you’re interested. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.