Harrison Eisgaard New 417ft Expedition Yacht Concept

Harrison Eidsgaard has unveiled the crown jewel of expedition yachts known as “Rex” – a 417ft yacht named for the Latin word for “King” and created specifically for a client looking for “something different.”

For example, a helicopter hangar that can be converted into a squash court, an additional helipad located at the bow.  The streamlined white and grey exterior expedition yacht concept boasts four terraces with a 46ft pool on the main deck that can be enclosed with glass to create an indoor pool in cold climates, an oversized cinema, a two-story gym. The 10 guest suites, meanwhile, sit at the center of the yacht and each comes complete with its own terrace plus direct access to both the forward and aft atrium staircases.

The central part is a 300 sq. m aft like the submerged “Neptune” lounge offers guests an underwater view of their surroundings from below and a “Panorama” observation lounge on the top deck offering 360-degree views from above.

Rex Expedition yacht is also designed with a full-beam garage with room for a 49-foot expedition vessel, two 30-foot tenders, and a large crane to assist with moving the toys in and out of the water. Harrison Eidsgaard envisions a hybrid propulsion package that could be converted to a hydrogen system in the future for true, zero-emissions cruising. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.