Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the evolution of its Maybach Class Haute Voiture concept that was presented back in May. This Mercedes-Maybach S 680 is pure luxury with its two-toned paint job of rose gold and metallic nautical blue, just 150 units will be produced.

Inside, the interior is adorned with a ‘bouclé fabric’ – a heavy yarn material in blue, beige, rose gold and gold shades, as well as crystal white leather throughout the cabin, said to be inspired by designer garments and handbags. There are also linen and mohair floor mats, rose gold champagne flutes and blue leather piping details. Owners, or their drivers, behind the wheel of the Haute Voiture will be treated to an extra luxurious MBUX infotainment system, with sparkles and magnolia blossom sequences to great users as they dig around menus.

Mercedes also customized the infotainment system so users can have fashionable avatars to mark their profiles, and there are animations scattered throughout such as glitter clouds to evoke fashion shows. There’s even a matching bag collection that comes with the car.

As with regular Maybach S680 models, the Haute Voiture features all-wheel drive and a 621-hp twin-turbo 6.0-liter V-12.  It’s finished in a two-tone color scheme with a dark blue on top with rose gold sides. The wheels are painted to match the blue top. The car’s unique production number, key ring and a scale model of it will be presented to each customer in a gift box along with a custom car cover.

Each of the 150 units will be produced by Mercedes-Benz’s ‘most specialised customisation and craftsmanship team’ in Sindelfingen, Germany, and each vehicle wears its unique run number as a badge on the centre console. Mercedes‑Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture to arrive in early 2023 at Maybach Icons of Luxury physical and online stores. Discover Opulent Club on Apple news.