Louis Vuitton Launches Echo Luggage Tracker

Louis Vuitton rolled out its pricey new luggage tracker, Louis Vuitton Echo. Designed to work in concert with the company’s Tambour Horizon luggage, the Louis Vuitton Echo Luggage Tracker lets you keep tabs on your bags from a far.

Louis Vuitton Echo comes in at a little over four inches in length and under an inch in width. The item utilizes Sigfox technology and allows users to track and monitor where their luxury luggage is and how it’s doing via the LV Pass app. It slides into a dedicated elastic band inside the luggage, using a light sensor to tell you when it’s been opened and a Sigfox subscription to track its location from airport to airport. A one-hour charge over Micro-USB gives it six months of battery life, and all your services are accessible via the LV Pass app.

The Louis Vuitton Echo currently retailing for $370 USD at the designer’s official website.