Corbellati Missile Hypercar Concept

At the Geneva Motor Show, an all-new 300 mile-per-hour hypercar from Corbellati will be on display. Corbellati, a family that has been sculpting jewelry, there new goal is to create a car with unique performance and unique design, just like a jewel.

Family jewellers Corbellati have swapped their bespoke bijoux for what is being billed as potentially the world’s fastest supercar aptly named the Corbellati Missile hypercar. This twin-turbo charged V8 hypercar with 1,800 horsepower. All that power will come paired to an six-speed transmission, with all 1,800 horses sent to the rear wheels exclusively. A set of ceramic brakes, meanwhile, will assure added stopping power.

Steering is rack and pinion and the Missile features handmade carbon-fiber bodywork. It rolls on 20-inch 265/35 tires up front and 345/30 at the rear. Its braking system employs “carbon ceramic disks” and it has a “self-leveling double quadrilateral air suspension.” The Missile measures 184 x 80.3 x 46 inches and has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches. Ground clearance is a low 4.72 inches.

The company’s Instagram account says, “We are the Corbellati Family, creators of jewelry since 70 years, art enthusiasts and artists; Today the last generation is greatly passionate about sports cars and has the dream of making a car that at the same time is a jewel.”
After its premiere in Geneva on March 6, the company plans to showcase its rolling jewel at the top marques in Monaco.