Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Collection Pays Tribute To Iconic Model

Following a preview at the end of February, Rolls-Royce has now taken the wraps off the Silver Ghost Collection. Originally called the 40/50 h.p., the car would be named the Silver Ghost something Rolls-Royce wouldn’t officially recognize until 1925, was touted for its reliability and beauty, both traits which the brand works to carry over to its current offerings.

Fast forward to 2018, Rolls-Royce is paying tribute to their legacy car with the Silver Ghost Collection featuring a solid sterling-silver Spirit of Ecstasy evoking the company’s origins. Rolls-Royce has created a limited collection of just 35 bespoke Ghosts “Silver Ghost Collection.”

Each one will carry a sterling silver Spirit of Ecstasy and at the base, a reference to the original Silver Ghost in copper and a black gold collar surrounds the emblem. Called the Silver Ghost Collection, these limited edition Silver Ghosts are a proper homage to the original car. This special edition rides on large wheels with chrome surrounds featuring the vehicle name and original year of the Silver Ghost engraved on them. It also has a design line in pure silver that stretches the length of the vehicle.

Inside, a Forest Green interior with silver-tipped leather recalls the 1907 car’s cockpit. Additionally, the open-pore wood has been washed with silver, and the standard Rolls-Royce clock, made of silver, carries an engraved message: Silver Ghost Since 1907. Rolls-Royce hasn’t announced any pricing details yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if all 35 units were spoken for already.