Highland Park Announces 50 Year Old Single Malt

Highland Park has revealed its oldest release in quite some time. The Highland Park 50 Year Old, hitting the market this September. Only 274 bottles are available, with 77 of those headed to the U.S., and they come with a US$15,000 price tag. Each is individually numbered, and signed by Highland Park’s longest-serving whisky-maker, Max McFarlane.

Highland Park 50 Year Old consists of two sherry casks of whisky distilled in 1964. In 2009, those two casks were married together, disparate flavors combining for a further eight years. Rich with an ABV of 42.5%, the whisky is clear and bright with a deep ruby color. It’s sweet at first, with notes of ripe black cherries and Muscovado sugar giving way to dried autumn fruits and warm, toasted wood, the company says. The hint of cedar wraps around Highland Park’s signature light peat smoke.

Each embossed and signed bottle, beautiful in its own right, is packaged in an oak box with an etched silver and crystal decanter made especially for it. Bottles will be available in September and October, but the distillery will start taking orders pronto.