Bentley Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition By Mulliner

Bentley has revealed the GT Convertible 1 Edition by Mulliner paying homage to the legendary Bentley Blower of 1929. Just 100 examples will be produced, the limited-run drop-top Continental is said to be a modern interpretation of the 1929 racing car, which also set the Outer Circuit record at the Brooklands race track, Surrey, in 1932.

Driven by Bentley Boy Tim Birkin, the 4 ½-Litre car averaged 137 mph a record that stood for a further two years and has since become a symbol of Bentley’s racing heritage.

All of the Number 1 models is based on the Bentley Continental GT Convertible powered by the 626hp (635PS) 6.0-liter W12 engine. The company offers the body in Dragon Red II or Beluga black with either a Claret red or Beluga fabric roof.

Inside, the cabin is trimmed in a choice of ‘cricket ball’ or black leather, with gloss black wood veneers and turned aluminium inserts. Each Number 1 Edition also has a direct memento from the original 1929 car: a display piece built into the dashboard, housing a small wheel spinner that has been cast from an original piston of the Number 1, sacrificed during restoration work.

The Number 1 Edition by Mulliner is the final car in Bentley’s Centenary trilogy. The Number 1 Edition also features the Bentley Centenary Specification Pack, which includes Centenary badges to the rear and on the wheel centres, Centenary LED welcome lamps, Centenary badging on the gear lever and steering wheel, and a Centenary badge on the key-fob.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.