Thom Browne Works Out Concept 009 Capsule for Nordstrom

Nordstrom continues its New Concepts initiative with an exclusive collaboration with Thom Browne New York-based designer, offering a selection of locker room-ready clothing, footwear, accessories, and sporting goods.

This collaboration is named Concept 009. The collection presents everything from wool sports coats, and cotton sweatpants to tweed baseball caps and striped polo shirts to a wool/leather bomber jacket and a gym towel.  An all-American color palette of red, white and navy runs throughout capsule and is complemented by a school uniform-inspired shade of gray.

“I have to say, I feel like collaborations are getting a little overdone, and the only times I ever even entertain the idea of collaboration is if it’s something that’s really interesting to me—and I think, in turn, interesting to the customer,” Browne said in a statement. “So, for me, it stands out in that it really is not a traditional collaboration; it’s a collaboration at a level that is a lot more intellectual and not purely commercial. The approach to this collaboration is done well and intelligently. It really elevates the collections within Nordstrom stores.”

Nordstrom’s VP of Designer RTW and New Concepts, Sam Lobban, shares a similar excitement with Browne over the collaboration: “What we are excited to discover with Thom Browne is how the concept of ‘suiting’ continues to evolve in the eyes of consumers. We have seen so many iterations of it on the runway and now we’re bringing a concept that combines traditional as well as unconventional tailoring to our broader customer base.”

 The exclusive capsule will be available online at New Concepts @ Nordstrom Men’s. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.