Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen Hypercar

Hyperion has unveiled their new Hyperion XP-1 sounds like the name of a spaceship sci-fi movie, a forthcoming hydrogen-electric supercar that promises 1,016-mile range and the ability to haul to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds. Oh, and the recharge time is less than five minutes. 

Hyperion XP-1 is the world’s first hydrogen-powered supercar.

“We’re proposing what the penultimate hydrogen car should be,” said CEO Angelo Kafantaris. “This car is meant to showcase the beauty of hydrogen.”

The XP-1 has a bold design which will surely make people do a double take. The XP-1 uses a carbon-titanium monocoque chassis with titanium-reinforced composting bodywork. The vehicle stores its hydrogen in carbon fiber tanks. Hyperion was coy on technical specifications, but said the car has a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, carbon fiber hydrogen storage systems and ultra-capacitor energy storage technology. The model also features multiple electric motors, all-wheel drive and a three-speed transmission.

While we only get a few glimpses of the interior, Hyperion said the model has a 98 inch (2,489 mm) curved display and gesture control technology.  Occupants have a full view of the outside world through a wrap-around glass canopy.

Only 300 examples of the XP-1 will be made, but pricing and select power-train specs have yet to be announced. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.