Handcrafted Bentley Interior Inspires Bespoke Luxury Yacht Design

Bentley Motors has collaborated with Contest Yachts to create a matching sailing yacht the Contest 59CS yacht inspired by a client’s Bentley Continental GT V8. At the request of a client, the decoration of this 18-meter luxury yacht imitates the style of the Bentley Continental GT V8 owned by the buyer. 

Working together, the two companies based the yacht’s design around the Continental GT V8 coupe’s interior  features Hotspur red leather combined with contrasting Linen beige hide, as well as Bentley’s signature diamond-in-diamond stitching a quilting style.  This unique quilt requires exactly 712 stitches per diamond and requires a great deal of skill in application. The interior has a Light Sapphire finish, complemented by its deep blue hull, also identical to the buyer’s vehicle.

The Contest 59 CS yacht also gets similar-looking light-colored wood all across its interior, matching the Bentley’s wood veneer on the dash, door panels, and center console. The yacht’s deep blue exterior too compliments the Continental GT’s Light Sapphire paint scheme.

“This project was an opportunity for Bentley Design Services to showcase some of their many skills in a truly unique collaboration. Bentley cars exhibit qualities of craftsmanship and style that are only achieved at the highest level of nautical design” says Brett Boydell, head of design collaborations at Bentley Motors.

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