Ulstein CX127 Expedition Concept Yacht

Ulstein Group has revealed a first look at its new 139-metre CX127 superyacht concept. Not only does it have the pointed front end of a Great White, it’s also jam-packed with cutting-edge technology to carry out marine research from the most distant corners of the globe.

The 456-foot superyacht features the company’s signature X-Bow, designed with an inverted shape to slice through choppy waters rather than crushing them, resulting in minimal impact and reduced spray and prevents general wear and tear of the hull.

Potential features available on board include sophisticated scientific facilities and laboratories outfitted for research purposes. The CX127 also has space for two helicopters for further land-based exploration. Along with the smoother ride, it also increases interior space for the 6 guest cabins and quarters for a crew of 120. 

On the exterior, the decks offer multiple swimming pools on each deck and al fresco dining and drinks areas on board. It’s also equipped with deep-sea exploration equipment and vehicles, as well as a crane to launboard. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.