Hermès Arceau The Three Graces

Hermès Arceau The Three Graces crafted in wood marquetry and miniature painting on aventurine, the elegant giraffe adorning the dial of Arceau The Three Graces reinterprets the Three Graces silk scarf designed by British artist Alice Shirley in 2020. 

Arceau The Three Graces was originally inspired by a trip to South Africa, when Alice Shirley had the privilege of spotting three giraffes partially concealed by an acacia tree, it took Hermès two years to translate her original gouache painting into the traditional silk screen prints that pay homage to these graceful and poetic animals. 

To transpose the animal’s profile, long neck and mottled coat to the scale of a dial, the marquetry specialist begins by transferring and downscaling the design, then rigorously selecting the type, grain and colour of the wood used to reproduce it.  In this case that meant a combination of naturally dark, light, stained or bleached wood American walnut and maple, European sycamore and tulip tree chosen for their nuances and textures similar to those of the original design. The artisan cuts out the multitude of tiny elements 195 pieces in all forming the portrait that is then assembled like a puzzle, before gluing, sanding and applying a protective varnish.  Several weeks of rigorous discipline, patience and dexterity are required to produce this exquisite dial. 

Hermès The Three Graces scarf 

Crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops, Arceau The Three Graces features an 18-carat white gold case that measures 38 mm in diameter. The deep hues of the dial are framed by a white gold bezel embellished with 82 diamonds and asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs. The timepiece is powered by the Hermès H1912 mechanical self-winding movement driving hours and minutes hands, and is fitted with a blue sapphire alligator strap. Strictly limited to 24 editions.  Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.