Louis Vuitton Unveils New Tambour Horizon Light Up Timepiece

Louis Vuitton add another design to its collection of watches dubbed the Tambour Horizon Light Up. From glow-in-the-dark LED lights to personalisation at a minute level, the Tambour Horizon Light Up Connected Watch is Louis Vuitton’s latest innovation. 

Every element of the watch has been reimagined, redesigned and re-engineered to deliver a user experience like no other. Right down to a custom-made operating system, the Tambour Horizon Light Up seamlessly joins together the worlds of art and technology while bringing next-chapter luxury and a landmark in the history of high-end connected watches.

In terms of its features, the screen, made of curved sapphire glass 1.2-inch, fully round AMOLED, 390 x 390 touchscreen displays. Is equipped with 24 LED lights, which are placed under the Louis Vuitton Monogram ring. Whenever the watch is activated or receives a notification, they light up in a dancing kaleidoscope of colours, creating a mesmerizing glow-in-the dark animation.

At the heart of this artful and energising watch is a Louis Vuitton custom-designed new operating system, the watch allows you to check your daily schedule, step count and heart rate via the My Day tab. You can also keep track of the weather and air quality, as well as your travel itinerary thanks to the My Travel section. Other features reportedly include customisable watch face options and basic health tracking. 

Compatible with Apple iPhones, Androids and HarmonyOS smartphones. At its launch, there will be three versions of the Tambour Horizon Light Up: the Polished Steel, the Matte Black and the Matte Brown. Both the black and brown models have high-end PVD finishes, and the black variant with its contrasting titanium crown and lugs creates a particularly sleek look.

The Tambour Horizon Light It Up went on sale worldwide on Friday via Louis Vuitton’s websites and retail stores. In the US, the Tambour Horizon will start at $3,300 for the polished steel model and steps up to $3,600 for the matte black and brown models.