Prada Tropico Reimagines Window Shopping At Bergdorf Goodman

In preparation for summertime, Prada Tropico transforms the iconic department store Bergdorf Goodman with pop-inspired graphic accents. From March 3 to March 22, the windows of the iconic department store will be lit by Tropico, Prada’s innovative experimental installation. 

Geometric stripes in punchy colors line the display backdrops with delicate silk blouses, a variety of skirts, casual menswear, and a range of accessories including hats and bags that mimic the colors and patterns seen in the limited-time window displays.

The clothing on display matches the summer-ready theme of the display. Women wear flowing silk blouses and delicate skirts while male mannequins sport casual shirts and shorts. Vibrant pajama sets recall lounging on the beach amidst luxurious getaways.  The window pop-ups are accompanied by a summer playlist courtesy of Prada, featuring sun-kissed tunes by Ratatat, Middle Sky Boom, Flying Lotus, and Martin Denny, to name a few.

Once inside, large white and green striped columns envelop the Prada spaces, urging you to take a peek at the brand’s bold and lively collection. Tropico will be on display at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City through March 22. Discover Opulent Club on Apple News.