VistaJet Launches Industry’s First Wellness Program

VistaJet, pioneers of private aviation, has just announced that it is set to launch a brand new wellness program for its members, which will be the first of its kind across the industry, a dedicated and multifaceted wellness solutions in the air and at global destinations that resonate with the people who fly on its silver and red aircraft.

Partnering with leading brands in the wellbeing and longevity space, VistaJet’s new offering transforms the flight from a potential tiring experience into an energising one, integrating onboard wellness facilities and services, to destinations with a focus on wellbeing

“Flying better means living better, and the advantage of flying private should not be limited to the speed of the flight alone,” said Matteo Atti, chief marketing officer of VistaJet.

VistaJet’s series of pre, post and inflight wellness services include:

Pre-flight — consult with a VistaJet nutritionist on the best foods to eat before and during flight, to pre-order in-flight meals that work for you and your mission ahead.

In-flight — from ergonomic seating on the game-changing Global 7500 aircraft to assist posture, to meditation and breathing apps, wellness dining menus to rejuvenate, restore and relax, and onboard products from leading wellness brands including Guerlain’s Orchidée Imperial collection and JING teas served on board.

Post-flight — wellness guides created by leading physician Dr Jordan Shlain and his team at Private Medical provide tips, exercise and guidance for maintaining optimal wellbeing after flying.

Wellness at destination: from biohacking treatments to a private prayer session with the Tibetan Buddhist lead.

The company – which offers its members access to over 360 aircraft that span across 187 countries and 1,900 airports.